Credit Where Credit is Due

March 21 2017

This is Sophia Volk.

She enjoys burritos.

She loves sunsets.

And she’s particularly fond of cats.

For those that do not know, Sophia and I have been dating for roughly four years now. During those four years I’ve had the privilege of her company on a series of adventures from rain jacket sledding on glaciers in British Columbia

to attending weddings in Japan.

While this site is mostly reserved for projects and random musings I would like to acknowledge that without Sophia, many if not all of my undertakings would not happen. Her continuous upbeat attitude and determination is infectious. It’s with constant regularity that I find myself attempting to match her energy level and while difficult at times, the pursuit is wholly rewarding.

To properly gauge Sophia’s tenacity one must first understand what a typical day for Sophia consists of. It’s not uncommon for Sophia to be up at 4:30 and at work at The Fruit Guys by 5:00. She typically works for five to six hours the heads home, showers, and walks to school. School generally lasts until 22:00 with the occasional mixin of working at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or performing her duties as Treasurer of the USF chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.

In between this hectic schedule she manages to find time for adventures such as sking

or putting up with me.

She also completed her first freelance painting job these past few months by conceiving, designing, and implementing this mural for her current employer, The Fruit Guys.

I’m proud of Sophia for what she’s accomplished in the last four years and I’m excited to see what she takes on after completing her accounting degree in May. They say love is when you meet someone with which you share mutual weirdness. Nah, love is a combination of a burrito, dark beer, and your best friend at après-ski. Love you, Soph.

If you’d like to catch up with Sophia you can find her on LinkedIn or simply send her an email.