A Great Season

June 7 2017

Of the numerous (half-assed) hobbies that occupy my free time, none capture my undivided attention quite like skiing. On nearly any given Friday afternoon between December and April you can find me battling rush hour on the four hour drive to Lake Tahoe in the hopes of finding some untouched snow. Fortunately this year there was plenty to be had. The cumulative snowfall recorded by Squaw Valley this year was 1,839cm at an elevation of 2,438m. Compared to the 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 seasons which received 1,257cm and 566cm respectively, it’s fair to say there was a shit ton of snow this year. With conditions like those observed this season, I found it hard to pull out my camera most days as the skiing was just too good. Here are few of my favorite photos from the days I did manage to snap some shots.

My Mom on a snowy day. Copper Mtn, CO.

My Dad looking for powder in out of bounds territory. Alpine Meadows, CA.

Sophia at 18:00 on the closing day for KT-22. Squaw Valley, CA.

Not really snow sports related but Sophia and I got caught on the Eastern Sierras during one of the first major snow storms of the season. The next morning was gorgeous.