A Walk in the Woods

February 9 2018

Not just a hilarious book, but also the theme of my most recent project.

In July of 2016, Sophia and I got it in our heads that the popular two night, 45km (28Mi) backpacking route, The Skyline to the Sea, could be completed in one day if hikers only carried a day pack and started early enough. Long story short, we were right. Turns out you can even take an eight kilometer (five mile) round trip wrong turn and still finish in the daylight!

Of the maybe ten photos we took that day, one of the shots from the early morning ended up looking halfway decent. Some time later, Soph had it printed on a tapestry which brings us up to today's project.

Per Sophia’s request I built a minimalist (super fancy art term; you probably wouldn't understand) frame to display the picture. It's a pretty simple design. Four pieces of wood, a few embedded magnets, a couple screw eyes, a length of cord, and a wee bit of paint is all it takes to make a frame that probably costs less in a store than for the aforementioned raw materials.

In hindsight I could have thinned the wood a tad in some places to cut down on weight but for a first pass I think it turned out alright.