May 5 2018

While I appreciate that Google offers 3D printer access as a perk, one rule surrounding their use is a bit limiting. While using a printer you’re required to be next to (and attentive of) the device during the entire print cycle. This restriction makes any larger job difficult to schedule for, not to mention hogging a community resource is fairly un-googley. Granted there generally is low demand between the hours of 21:00 and 6:00, though I can’t speak for your productivity after an all nighter of breathing ABS fumes.

Given my increasing printer use, I decided it was probably time to buy one. I decided to go with the Prusa i3 MK3 kit. The prospect of building the printer seemed fun, however the main incentive of going with the kit was to have an understanding of the components. The printers at work break down constantly from a variety of reasons ranging from simple clogs to misuse (mostly due to ignorance). Like any non-trivial device, debugging is significantly easier if you’ve assembled/disassembled the object previously...he said while preparing his foot for an abrupt entry into his mouth.

About this point I realized that this was going to take significantly longer than I thought. Little known fact, narwhals add +25 speed to all builds.

Running the completed printer through some print tests. You can’t see it but I’m grinning like a little kid here.