Slug up and Trudge

June 14 2018

Over the long memorial day weekend Sophia and I intercepted my sister and her fiance on their post collegiate road trip around the United States. The plan was to meet in Sisters, OR and backpack for a couple days in the Deschutes National Forest. Soph and I arrived in OR a few days prior to our entourage so we prepared for our trip by “carbo-loading” at just about every brewery in the town of Bend. We’re pretty much health freaks.

For reasons that still baffle me, we did not check the snow report before arriving at the trailhead. We all quickly learned that the snow level in Oregon on memorial day was about four thousand feet lower than in Colorado. Note to self, if you have to drive over a snowbank to get to the parking area, you probably should have brought snow shoes. What followed was a gorgeous, grueling, and meandering trip that more or less followed the nearly twenty-seven mile Broken Top Loop Trail.

Even though the hiking was tough, I think we all agreed that this trail was one of the most beautiful any of us had ever been on.