Floating Desk

July 18 2018

Sophia has, with unwavering enthusiasm, painted nearly every square inch of the walls and ceilings in our new home as we prepare to move in. To show my gratitude I thought it was only fitting that I build her the floating desk she’s been asking for while she was out of town last weekend.

A few weeks back I bought a 4’x8’ section of ¾” birch plywood from The Home Depot. I to this day can not remember why I bought it but it does make for a nice table surface. Since I lack any device which can cut a straight line longer than 12” I ended up dragging the board back to Home Depot to have them slice out the pieces I needed. It was during this step I learned a valuable lesson about both the weight of lumber and my lack of a gym routine.

To spruce up the piece a bit I doubled the leading edge by adding a thin strip of excess ply with wood glue. I then used a Plunge Router and Chamfer bit to smooth out the top edge a bit. Lastly I sanded to 220 grit with an orbital sander and finished with a water based Polyurethane. I think it actually turned out half way alright. More importantly, Sophia loves it and that’s all that really matters!