Room Update

September 6 2018

It’s been a busy summer. I’ve had difficulty finding the time to work on projects in between adopting a kitten and typical weekend warrior shenanigans. A couple weeks ago I had a free weekend however and used the lull to update the bathroom.

The vanity/medicine cabinet that was previously in our restroom was likely the same one that was installed during construction of the complex. While the set provided a fair amount of storage space, it was too bulky for such a small room. I began by tearing out the vanity and medicine cabinet. Much to my dismay this endeavor revealed several hiccups, namely: the sink was installed into the wall, the plaster behind the medicine cabinet had moisture damage, and there was no junction box installed for the previous light fixture. After performing surgery on our drywall, Sophi and our friend Anne-Marie applied a fresh coat of paint. Upon painting completion I installed a junction box into where the new light fixture was to be installed, and rerouted the sink trap so that the new vanity would fit. From there is was just a matter of securing all the new parts to the wall. Also if anyone cares about my personal feelings towards plumbing work; I’m not a fan.

Old bathroom.

New bathroom.

On an unrelated note, my 27th birthday was last weekend. Our friends Andrew and Iwen flew out to celebrate with us so we dragged them up the tallest peak in Boulder County. Thanks for coming out Drew and Iwen! :)