September 13 2018

My sister, Kathryn Cawdrey, is a few short months and one thesis defence away from completing her graduate degree in Environmental Reporting. Given that remaining on campus for the completion of her degree was not a requirement, she’s moved halfway across the country from Mizzou and joined the workforce. Now that my youngest sibling is a “professional”, I thought it might be nice to keep an archive of her published articles. I created a subdomain last night to do just that.

Adding support for the new site was a bit of a pain since both the christopher.* and kathryn.* subdomains point to my pi cluster. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your outlook, the reverse proxy I use for the cluster is custom which means I had to do a bit of surgery to make two subdomains work. Basically I intercept the request, check the host, and prepend a path before sending the request to my worker nodes. I could have used custom request headers for my child node filters instead but custom paths seemed the easiest to implement especially considering it was around midnight when I made this design choice.

There’s still a few more features I’d like to add to the new subdomain but I’ll roll those out slowly over the next few weeks. In the meantime check out kathryn.cawdrey.name and be sure to reach out to Katy if you like any of her work!