I am Groot

September 16 2018

Groot stl was sourced from here. I scaled it to the maximum dimensions my printer will accept and extruded using Hatchbox PLA Wood filament.

Removed all the supports using pliers. Took roughly 1.5 hours to clear the excess scaffolding.

Lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to add definition and smooth areas that had contact with the support structures.

Stained and let dry overnight.

Added a bit of acrylic paint.

Finished with an aerosol polyurethane.

Given that this is the largest and most complex model I’ve printed to date I’d say the final product turned out alright. Also my Mom said it’s the best thing I’ve ever made her so I’ve got that going for me…

UPDATE: My Mother planted Aloe vera in its head.