The Duck

December 16 2018

Several months ago I purchased a 2”x12” piece of redwood from the discard bin of The Home Depot. Of the 8’ of board, only about 1’ of it was “unusable”. I had no project in mind for it at the time but it was marked down to only two dollars. I wasn’t about to lose money on that deal.

Of all my possessions, I think my TV is likely the oldest item I own that experiences continuous use. My parents bought it for me as a High School graduation present and for the past six months it has been sitting on a fold out chair in the corner of my bedroom. Television meet Lumber. Lumber, Television.

The base of the TV was slightly wider than the width of the lumber. I doubled what would become my platform by cutting two nearly equally sized pieces and glueing them together width wise to create a 24” slab. This turned out to be a perfect excuse for obtaining a set of oversized clamps that I so desperately needed. Once the glue dried I used a miter saw to fit the piece to the corner of the bedroom, which turned out to be slightly more acute than I would have thought. From there it was a simple matter of sanding, staining and poly-ing. As a last step I hung the newly completed platform from the wall using a couple pieces of scrap wood I inherited from the previous owner of our townhome.

Riddle: What do my TV and a duck have in common?