New Year, New Mistakes

January 1 2019

Max and I prepared a particularly high gravity wort last Friday. Roughly twenty four hours after we pitched the yeast the krausen (foam that forms on top of fermenting beer) started to enter the sanitized airlock. After swapping out the contaminated bubble lock and bung for a fresh set, I headed to my local homebrew shop and attempted to procure a blow off tube. Unfortunately my local fermentation supplier was out of large diameter tubing but recommended pushing standard ⅜” tubing into a bung instead. I installed said alternative and left for a three day ski trip to ring in the new year.

The image above is what I returned to today. As far as I can tell the krausen entered, dried, and blocked the tubing. From there the pressure from the active fermentation continued to build until the carboy blew its top like an eighth grade science project. I’m not entirely convinced this is a lost batch however. Open fermentation is still a perfectly viable form of brewing. While the fermentation chamber is far from a sterile environment, it is nearly air tight and was filled with CO2 from an active fermentation. I installed a new airlock seconds after taking this picture and look forward to performing the taste test on this batch in another week or so.

In unrelated news Copper Mountain has one of the most stunning firework shows I’ve seen.