January 13 2019

Soph and I built the above cornhole set last Friday afternoon for a last minute homebrew keg party. We thought about just purchasing a set but they’re surprisingly expensive given that they’re just a few pieces of plywood and 2”x4”s. Fortunately with the exception of carriage bolts for the legs we had all the necessary wood and hardware from previous projects.

The screws and one of the plywood toppers came from this....thing. Not two weeks after we closed on the townhouse I found this in our complex’s dumpster. I’m not quite sure what the item was used for originally, but I did know that there was at least eight bucks worth of hardware attached to it and that the plywood, while dirty, was perfectly salvageable with a bit of sanding. I tried to save the 2”x6”s as well but they ended up being severely cracked and warped. They seem to work perfectly fine as firewood however!

The second plywood topper was made from scrap pieces of birch from the desk I built Sophia. I didn’t have a section that was two feet by four feet so I ended up cutting two pieces and butt jointing them. The 2”x4”s for the frame were a mix of scrap wood from our bed frame build and repurposed beams from the “railing” the previous owner installed on the staircase.

It still needs a coat of paint, but given that nearly twenty games were played over the course of the party I think Soph and I can safely say the set turned alright for a quick build

UPDATE: Doesn't look half bad with a few coats of paint and poly.