May 8 2019

Yesterday I was looking through a few old videos and stumbled upon this gem. I’d completely forgotten that Sophia and I wrote a short song about the year and a half we spent living in our van in the Bay Area a completely random story that never occured.


Housing markets boomin

Well, here we go again

Too much to afford for just some silly stupid kids

Came up with a solution

Well, I guess my girlfriend did

It may not be perfect

But, It’s the life we live

Livin in a van with my best friend and a mandolin

You can find us seaside or in the mountains and

Eatin’ indonesian in old bougie white folk land

It may not be pretty

We built this piece of shit by hand

Just a shitty camper van

Sophi loves pizza and her man

Isn’t that right Sophi???

Yeah baby!