The Goal

June 18 2019

Recently I took a trip back to San Diego to celebrate my Dad’s sixty second trip around the sun. While walking my parent’s dogs I stumbled across what might be my first ever “project”. In actuality my parents remind me it exists about once a year, however this is the first time I’ve seen it in person in quite a while.

My Dad and I painted the above goal back around 2005. At the time, I was fairly obsessed with soccer. Most weeks I’d spend an hour each day kicking a ball up against the pictured concrete wall. This trend lasted for nearly four years. At some point I decided that the now removed “strike zone” rectangles that the softball coaches had haphazardly spray painted onto the wall were not sufficient targets. All it took was a ladder, tape measure, level, paint, masking tape, newspaper, and a tad bit of patience to make a halfway decent practice location.

In typical makeshift fashion, our rectangle isn’t quite perfect. The left post is regulation length but because of the sloped ground the right post is much longer. Additionally we never determined what the official diameter of the goal posts are supposed to be so they’re just sort of whatever we thought was right at the time. If there were any other imperfections with our first attempt they were hidden a few days later when either the park or the adjacent school painted over it. We took this as a cue that our first draft was not up to par. In turn we responded by immediately repainting the goal onto the wall. Below is a picture of my Dad posing with goal number two roughly fourteen years later.

It appears that in the last couple of years somebody painted the inside of the goal a slightly different color than the rest of the wall. Thanks for enhancing the community practice space mystery stranger!

While I was in SD my Dad and I took a lap on the bikes around the Big Laguna Trail. Highly recommend if you’re ever in the area.