Get off my lawn

August 10 2019

I’m not particularly good at multitasking. An unfortunate ramification of this is that my list of pending projects tend to form an extensive priority queue. Additionally the mental weights I assign each task are mutable and that particular feature is flexed frequently. The result of this poor smattering of traits is that it’s nearly impossible to determine the duration a chore will sit on my list until it’s completed. The gibberish above, I hope, will convince my neighbors that there is a reason the front of my townhome looked like garbage for the first year and change that Sophia and I lived there. It wasn’t the laziness, I swear!

Weeds will grow extensively when provided with precipitation and sunlight. Soph and I, having sufficiently tested the aforementioned hypothesis, decided it was time to end our experimentation and remodel the lab. We received approval from our HOA to do a bit of construction and proceeded to implement phase one of the front yard beautification. A quick google search reveals there are a plethora of ways to build a lattice fence. We ended up going with this design as it appeared initially to be the simplest. What we learned however is that the “fence guides” from the video are both expensive, and difficult to procure. I ended up trading time in lieu of money by purchasing a dozen or so 2x2s and building the guides myself. It’s fairly straightforward with a table saw and chisel though quite tedious.

While the guide building may have been laborious, it paled in comparison to Sophia’s heroic endeavor of painting the entire fence. Lattice sheets are notoriously difficult to cover completely. It’s manageable with a spray gun but renting that equipment is almost as expensive as buying one so we went without. Soph improvised by paint rolling the sheets, then using cans of spray paint to fill in the copious crevices the roller could not reach. It took nearly a full day just to paint the material. Consequently after nearly five hours of applying pressure to spray cans her forearms looked like Popeye. Once painted the fence was assembled fairly quickly. Onto phase two!