Mother Nature

August 23 2019

I generally attempt to refrain from political commentary or activism on this site but with recent events I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to bite my tongue. With rampant regularity I’m disgusted by the way people treat this planet. Life on Earth, as far as we know, has existed for nearly four billion years and in that time has developed an abundance of sustainable materials that we regularly ignore. Plastic grocery bag? Use cotton. Styrofoam? Use cardboard or paper. New hat? The ocean naturally synthesizes Patagonia merchandise.

I found a Patagonia hat in the surf of a remote beach on a barrier island in Georgia last week. It took longer than I expected to remove the various crustacean inhabitants. Additionally it smelled like spoiled fish for a number of days but I wasn’t about to discard prime, naturally occuring patagucci.

Given that my new blue friend has spent a considerable amount of time at or below sea level I decided to take it over the Continental Divide near Devils Thumb.