Torreys & Grays

September 30 2019

At 04:15 this past Sunday, Soph and I met our friend Diego in the lower parking lot of the Grays and Torreys trailhead. The plan was to tackle two of the more commonly traversed 14ers via one of the least commonly used tracks. Kelso Ridge is the only class three summer route up Torreys and is particularly riddled with exposure. The ridge boasts a few scrambles and a mini knife edge. Additionally it is littered with loose rock that makes non-lead hikers fairly susceptible to rockfall.

We consolidated into one car and reached the upper trailhead where we promptly hit the dirt around 04:30. This is a bit later than our usual start time but Diego discouraged leaving earlier as the ridge is best attempted in the daylight. Given that he has completed all of the fifty-eight fourteeners, the CO trail, and several of the great Colorado traverses we gladly heeded his judgement. To our slight dismay the weather report was calling for 30 MPH winds with a wind chill of 23F. On the short jaunt to our trail junction we discussed what the plan would be if the gusts proved formidable on the ridge. Fortunately the weather report seemed to be a bit off and we were treated to a warm, slightly breezy day.

We reached the Torreys Peak summit around 08:00, took a break, then dropped down and climbed up the ~600’ saddle to snag Grays Peak. We walk-jogged the class one route down to the cars and were on our way back to Boulder by 11:00. Sophi’s birthday 14er hike is slowly becoming an annual tradition.

Diego and I taking things very seriously on Grays Peak.

Sophia getting artsy with a color changing Aspen and a murder cabin.