October 26 2019

Another American Airlines plane forces itself airborne as I polish off my second caffeinated beverage. It's only a couple hour layover but I've had time to take a shower, eat a 'proper' English breakfast, and read a newspaper. The Times was chock full of Brexit coverage as to be expected. Additionally there were peculiar geological tidbits about chalk rivers and Peruvian copper mines. The Business Lounge is not something I'd been privy too before this particular expedition. The amenities appeared to be quite standard for many of my nameless co-travelers however. Id been listening in on a few conversations as I picked at my buffet items. The content of the various dealings was not particularly important, I just enjoyed the British rapport. Who knew that adding an accent and a few English idioms could make a dialogue about the sanitary conditions of a floor dropped milk dud so entertaining? My ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade English teacher would deduct points from this essay for using a rhetorical question. I was never too fond of Mrs. Fallon but I suppose she is one of the few teachers who's name I remember. She also taught me that the first sentence of this entry utilizes an alliteration. I'm boring you. Using 'you' was also a big no-no.

My sleep deprived mind was spinning as I stared at another jumbo jet lumbering from it's gate towards the runway. Given its size I estimated it was a A-360 Boeing Turbo C-130 twice removed. It's frankly astonishing that the Wright brothers first took flight roughly one hundred years ago. Hell the modern aluminum that planes are primarily composed of wasn't reliably available until 1889. Go another century into the past and as an American I'd likely be hung in London rather than enjoying a pain au chocolat! ‘Il pluet’ as the French would say. Or maybe not. I have no idea what the French would say. Seven years of language courses and Im only good for reciting the weather and naming pastries.

A couple fellow stranded passengers to my left have begun to complain about the dwindling content on Netflix. That reminds me, The Times had a particularly scathing article about Google's indexing of fraudulent medicinal websites. I’ll reach out to the Search team when I'm back in the office. I'm finding myself annoyed that the gate for my connection to Nairobi still has not been announced. In retaliation I put together this short rant on my smart device of which I have cell coverage world wide. I wonder if any of the copper in my Pixel originated from that mine in Peru. My phone vibrates. Gate five, I’d better be going.