Wisdom Teeth

February 27 2020

I had my wisdom teeth removed roughly thirty-six hours ago. I had a rather high level of anxiety leading up to the surgery. Now that it’s over I’m slightly bored. While I was sedated my surgeon determined I needed a bone graft in one of my sockets. A direct result of this extra procedure is I have the privilege of spending more time recovering. Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be able to get back into my exercise routine, I have a 50k to run in June after all! In the meantime, I figured I’d post a few photos from the absolutely epic winter I’ve had so far featuring some of the awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of spending it with.

A bit of avalanche rescue practice with team red coat, black pants. Coon Hill, CO

Pondering our life choices with a few new friends near Shrine Hut, CO

Early season powder day at Eldora, CO with JM and Max

Sunrise skin up Garfield Peak. Crater Lake, OR

Soph goofing around in Big Sky, MT

Vanlife partners mid-mountain in Jackson Hole, WY

Diego, trying to forget our failed Eldora->Winter Park trek. Berthoud Pass, CO

Blurry shot with Chris, Kevin, JM, Soph, and myself. Arapahoe Basin, CO

Indian Peaks Wilderness with Soph. Lost Lake, CO

Family ski trip to Winter Park, CO featuring my parentals, Katy, Tyler, Soph and myself.

EPIC underreported powder day at Loveland, CO with Max and Diego.

Daryl, Wyatt, and Soph in line at Crystal Mountain, WA.