Kitchen v2

May 11 2020

The state of Colorado, in an effort to curb the exponential infection rate of SARS-CoV-2, has been under a stay-at-home order for nearly a month. Given that we’re strongly recommended to stay inside, Soph figured it was a good time to clog our HVAC system with construction dust. As a bonus this decision rendered our kitchen unusable for two weeks. Good timing, darling.

Sophia and I have been talking about updating our kitchen for nearly a year. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to find a series of weekends with which to put our remodel into action. Enter global pandemic. Given that our schedules had been cleared, we figured now was a great time to take on a few home projects. Sorry, scratch that, I walked downstairs for lunch on a Tuesday and found the kitchen had been torn apart by my fiancee.

Soph was the driving force behind this project. She single handedly disassembled, sanded, painted and installed new hardware on our cabinets. It’s really amazing how uniform they look now considering they're two distinct sets of cabinetry. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I did help her reinstall them. I’m a gem, I know.

Once the cabinets were complete we moved onto the counters. Granite countertops are expensive and the idea of replacing our current laminate counters with another cheap alternative wasn’t overly inspiring. We ultimately decided on using a black epoxy resin to coat our current counters. It’s fairly painless to apply, it is cheap, and if it gets scratched, it’s trivial to add a new coat. Since we had to remove our sink to apply the epoxy I figured it was a good time for an upgrade so I bought a deeper bowl and an industrial faucet. A bit of rerouting was required to accommodate the deeper bowl and new fixtures, but ultimately I was able to make it work with only a few expletives. Now that the new sink is installed I suppose it is okay to admit that we could have applied the epoxy without removing our old sink. I hated that sink and faucet combo. I may have fibbed a bit to get the go ahead for our new and improved dish washing station.

The white subway tile backsplash was applied almost entirely by Sophi. I assisted by removing the previous backdrop, which consisted of sheet metal that had been affixed to the sheetrock with liquid nails. Everything else from the placement to the grouting was Soph. She did a great job.

The next phase of the project included replacing the kitchen light fixtures. The new lights, to my surprise, were fairly easy to install. Unlike a few other ceiling electrical drops I’ve had the displeasure of updating in our house, a previous owner had installed junction boxes. As such it was as simple as attaching a couple wing nuts to the romex. Fantastic.

The final stage of the remodel involved custom woodworking. We had removed the cabinets above our sink roughly a year ago to install an AC line and we’ve been sorely missing the extra storage space. If you haven’t gathered from my previous projects, Soph and I like floating furniture. After a bit of research, it became clear that heavy duty floating shelves are ludicrously expensive. As such we built our own with a few two by fours, eight lag bolts, and a bit of quarter inch ply to make it look pretty for a fraction of the price.

A couple before and after shots of the remodel.