June 7 2020

Bagged 14er number eight this morning with John Morgan (Jam), and Soph. Jam was interested in climbing a couloir and Soph and I wanted to summit a 14er so we compromised by doing both.

The original plan was to climb the North Gully of Quandary and descend via the East Ridge route. After a four mile round trip reconnaissance mission we learned that our proposed route was out of play until next spring. Fortuitously we spotted a gaggle of backcountry skiers who were planning a morning ride and they recommended hitting the Cristo Couloir on the south side of Quandary as an alternative. We were able to scoot around the mountain just before last light to confirm their proposed route was still in play.

Our early morning ascent was the first couloir climb for both Sophi and Jam, who handled it like absolute champs. Looking forward to more summits with these two!