2020 Recap

January 2 2021

What a weird year. The omnipresent undercurrent of vitriol in the US that has been a byproduct of racial tensions, police brutality, pandemic anxiety, a tumultuous election, and general uncertainty has been a weight felt by many. I’ve been incredibly fortunate in that I’ve been fairly insulated from many of the greater societal maladies of the past lap around the sun. I did however find myself on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs while jogging in my neighborhood. Running while in a blue shirt was a poor choice on the day a neighbor made an unsubstantiated police report about a domestic dispute incident in the area. That was surprising if nothing else. Soph and I also had a near daily evacuation scare for a month or so when our new home (good news, more on that in a minute!) was bookended by the largest wildfire in Colorado history, and a near equally sized inferno to the North burning on the state line. I let myself fall into the trap of concluding that 2020 was an awful year, but when I look back on it, I find that is a poor opinion. On paper, I had a great year and it’s important, I believe, to recognize that.

Here’s to 2021. May your lows be shallow and your highs limitless.