We have beacons.

March 28 2021

“We have beacons” said the maskless stranger that stopped in our hut pre and post summit for a bathroom break. I don’t believe any of us expected that response when giving her accolades for her rather ambitious line down from the peak.

A couple weekends ago I burned a few days hanging out at the 10th Mtn Division Hut out by Leadville with JM, Chris, and Soph. The hut is massive and situated at the base of a pretty spectacular bowl. On a Saturday, JM, Chris, and I decided to make an attempt on Homestake Peak. The upper mountain was a bit more wind hammered than we were hoping for, and to make matters worse we got there maybe an hour too early. We were able to boot pack the final 150ft to the summit but it would have been nice to keep the skis on. Regardless the peak was absolutely stunning, we were the first ones up there that morning, and the turns down were fantastic. JM put together a succinct edit from the outing which is linked below.

View of Homestake Peak from the 10th Mtn Division Hut

Sophi on approach to Slide Lake

Chris and JM on the summit of Homestake

The crew. Quite surreal having the entire hut reserved for only four people but we enjoyed it!

Surprisingly there were no games or cards in the hut when we arrived, so we improvised with a few sheets of scrap paper and some duct tape!