Walking Desk

June 4 2021

I spent the majority of this winter in my newly acquired off-the-grid home. The dome, as I like to call it, is roughly forty five minutes from the closest town and receives no public services save for road grading in summer months. Additionally it’s situated fairly high in the foothills which, as I’ve come to find, means early snow and cold conditions. It was not uncommon before spring arrived, for there to be multiple weeks of single digit temperatures taking into account wind chill. While the low temps are bearable, it’s the consistent wind that gets into your bones. As such outside activities are generally unpleasant during the previous year’s termination and new annum’s emergence.

Spending a week or more exclusively indoors is a bit mind numbing. After a few weeks of unsuccessfully attempting to fill the void in both my social and private life, I concluded that the lack of cardio was what was making me anxious. I did a bit of research, leaning heavily on co-workers who had similar restrictions/needs as myself, and purchased a treadmill. With the exception of the dome, the running machine might be the best item I’ve procured in the last few years. The ability to release endorphins regularly makes the winter months both bearable, and for that matter, even enjoyable!

Not long after installing the treadmill, Soph began using it as a walking desk. For the first couple weeks she macgyvered a platform using a few pieces of scrap wood on which she’d precariously set her laptop and work supplies. I caught her browsing online retailers for a more polished option. The lower end treadmill platform models are a large piece of plastic with a few velcro straps that run around sixty to eighty dollars. There are higher end models that go for a hundred plus. Maybe I should have offered to make her a proper desk sooner. Maybe I should be selling my own rectangles with exorbitant markups!

A piece of scrap half inch plywood has been glaring at me for the past few months so I decided to teach it some manners. A few measurements and rips later and I had my square. After that, and a few additional rips, I affixed six support bars which double as channels for the treadmill arms. Finally I fired up the jigsaw for a small trapezoidal cut which slides around the control panel. True to form, I let a week or so pass all while ensuring Soph that I’d sand, stain and urethane the platform. My fiancee knew that would take forever so she used an extra can of high gloss paint we had sitting around to transform her desk into the boho style she’s so fond of. Black, white, and every shade of tan. High fashion...or something.

In other news we adopted a dog.

Then Sophia graduated from her MBA program.