Mt. of the Holy Cross

October 8 2021

Primo, as dawn begins to illuminate the valley

It appears Chicago Basin is a cursed destination for Chris aka Primo, Sophia, and myself. We once again were thwarted when a week-long storm hit the San Juans and dropped six inches of the white stuff on our class four objective. Like the Belford, Oxford, Missouri trip, we were forced to pivot and choose a less consequential objective.

Snow begins to get a bit deeper as we leave the tree line

Last Saturday, the quartet of Primo, Soph, Roca, and myself sumitted Mt. of the Holy Cross. The mountain’s namesake is due to an interesting pattern formed by an avalanche path that extends across nearly the entirety of the east face. When the snow falls and fills in said couloir, the mix of white snow against the black rock strongly resembles, you guessed it, the Star of David.

North Ridge and the Mt. of the Holy Cross summit pyramid

We took the standard route up the mountain due to snow. At twelve miles and 5600’ of vert, it’s a pretty stout day, made all the harder by the last two miles requiring trail breaking, and scrambling over icy rocks. There’s not much more to say about this one. Changing trees in the valley were pretty, Roca did great on her first snow covered 14er, that 1000’ of vert on the way out is annoying. That’s all she wrote!

My little family on the summit!

These stunning aspens made the thousand feet of vert gain on the way back to the car halfway enjoyable.